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i adore someone who ignore me
Monday, October 18, 2010 | 8:15 PM | 0 Love Letter
there was this phase where i cant convert my feelings and my state of mind into words. my life had changed a lot in few months. im usually alone nowadays. u can find me mostly at home..
i luv him but now i have heartache bcause of him.he always come to my dreams and when i woke up from my dreams i always prying that all my dreams comes true.mybe i think i gonna be his loyal devotee. i still remember he hold my hand and we ran in the rain. owh gosh. he is my sweetest downfall. every second i wish he was here standing by my side but when i look for him. he not here. he was there and there doesn’t know how lucky she is. yes, i still holding on our precious time. and only by this ways i can found that i was self smiling and my eyes was letting of a little water so its called tears in my eyes:’(..

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