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The Sad Love Story
Monday, October 25, 2010 | 3:58 AM | 0 Love Letter
i'm feel lonely,
alone without u at my side,
i miss u damnly,
i don't know what to do,
many my friends ask me,
'what u waitang for? go and get him..'
i can't,
i do not know how and why i love him,
like a dream,
he came into my life suddenly,
brighten my day,
coloured my happening night,
i miss him even i saw him everyday,
i miss u every single day,
day by day, my dear..
now, i know,
i must try to get u,
to make me happy always,
like others people,
having people they love in their life,
but..please wake me up from this dream,
i know i will never get over u,
if i do, it just only come on my dream only,
not in my reality life,
he is yours,
realise yourself, before its late....

created by: Hanisah while teacher is teaching front of the class..

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