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u're so mean to me
Wednesday, November 3, 2010 | 7:34 AM | 0 Love Letter
Dear ''mal''..
I never meant to hurt you in any ways.
I never meant to make you mad.
I never meant to make you feel sad.
I never meant to make you cry.
I never meant to make things complicated.
I never meant to...honestly!

Dear "mal".....
I really hope that you will always be happy.
I really hope that we...US...can see the world together as a whole.
I really hope that everything between us can be much easier than this now.
I really hope that things can get better in time.
I really really hope so..
But I really hope that one day you'll find that "perfect one" if ever we never meant for each other.

I wish..
I wish...
I wish time can be freeze so that happy day will always remain.
I wish all the things that I've messed up never happen.
I wish I can make you happy and can say that I Love You to you.
I wish to see you smile each and every single day.

Dear "mal"..
Thank you for loving me.
Thank you for your care for me.
Thank you for spending your time with me.
Thank you for always be there for me, good and bad times.
Thank you for bringing joy to me.
Thank you for leave me to make decisions.
Thank you for your understanding.
Thank you for always make me laugh.
Thank you for EVERYTHING!!

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