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we and us
Tuesday, November 2, 2010 | 8:30 PM | 0 Love Letter
hjan yg tersgt2 la lebat.. rosak hbis plan aq..
actually i hate november.!!!(open statement oke)
all the day dkat skolah just membuang masa chatting with ella, chah, kirah, and kamil..
boring ya amat....
then mkan jmuan PSS...nsik colourfull paling x than....jgn lpa tart nenas kesayangan chah..
p/s: sory ya kirah kami x bwak blek apa2 utk hg..kami bwk blek prot dh la...>ckp chah
after that, waiting for akmal...agak2 lma la...
then, i meet chah and ifah....
we had second lunch together..
actually we has full but someone had treat us...
so we eat again...
thanx a lot to akmal for treat us.....
nasi ayam tu sdap jgk...:)

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