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school break..
Saturday, November 27, 2010 | 8:49 AM | 0 Love Letter
lately mish my school...
it's mean 1% school and 99% is friends...
how bout the techers??
arghhhh...!!! do i care??
what my plan on this long school breaks??
apa lgi kan...tidoq la...alang kan indah ny dunia kalo bleyh tidoq smpay pkoi 9..
what 9??? mybe certain2 people said it's early but to me..
it's not early and it's not late bcause i have a lot work to do...
normal la dh nma 'perempuan' so sndiri alert la kan...:)
mum..how about our vocation on this final year??
my mum said : nope.. nnti ada orng mai rmah tiap2 hri nk renoved rumah..
ouch....hurm.. doesn't matter la..-,-'

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