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how time flying so fast??
Tuesday, December 21, 2010 | 6:28 PM | 0 Love Letter
next is 2011 and next year also i'm getting 17years old...
OMG!!i felt i'm too old..!! but in my mind still lagi nk main lompat2 , nyorok and etc...
come on Hidyati Amni..please keep u'r matured behaviour..
but if  keep it in, i felt like i'm had being hypocrite while i hate a hypocite person..
it make me out off mind!!!
oke...if i'm 17 years old next year soo next year would be a horror year for me because..........
i am the SPM Candidate for next year....
and the this year will end in 10 days...
10 days!!!???
oh god ,please give me some air to breath...
so...i will cherish this 10 days to had fun..

how bout my homework during this long holidays???
chemist, bio, add math??
it make me speechless...!!-,-'

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